Exhibition // Design Matters @Bildmuseet – UMEA University – Umea (SE)

Exhibition //  Design Matters @Bildmuseet  – UMEA University – Umea (SE)

A wide selection of projects from Officina Corpuscoli will be on show as part of the upcoming exhibition Design Matters, opening on November 15 at Bildmuseet in Umea.

Including selected pieces from The Growing Lab / Mycelia, CASKIA / Growing a Mars Boot, Bio Ex-Machina, Mogu Acoustic & more… a range of different projects rooted in biofabrication, implementing fungal mycelium for the (re-)definition of novel technologies, processes, materials, applications and products. 

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Design Matters is a curatorial project presenting disruptive design-driven approaches that are already or may soon become integral part of our everyday lives.   

Would our relationship to the everyday objects we use – and hardly notice – change if the shoes we wear would have been been cultivated by us, or if the plate we eat from would be actually made of living organisms? And how about our everyday environments and indoor spaces? What would be the calm and relaxing sound of a candid interior fitted with acoustic panels that have been biofabricated by microbial systems? Or the new emergent structures deriving from the bio-adhesion of contemporary modular bricks? 

In an age in which we face major challenges, designing for a better future contributes to open up new unexplored pathways, to feel, think, produce and consume differently.

The exhibition will include projects by internationally established designers, who are challenging and changing the way in which we typically look at and expect consumer goods to be, as part of their origin as well as in relation to their form, function, aesthetics and overall life. The designers feutured in the exhibition include Officina Corpuscoli / Maurizio Montalti, Liz Ciokaljio, Co-de-iT, Caracara, Jesper Eriksson, Jenny Nordberg, Ewa Nowak, and Superflux. 

Design Matters is produced by Bildmuseet and curated by Anders Jansson and it will kick off in occasion of the 30th anniversary celebration of the Umeå Institute of Design We look forward to meeting you soon in Umeå.

Bildmuseet (Umeå Arts Campus)
Östra strandgatan 30B
903 33 – Umeå (SE)

November 15, 2019 – April 12, 2020