Strongly characterised by a creative trans-disciplinary approach and rooted in a collaborative, research-based and experimental practice, Maurizio Montalti’s work explores the design discipline, investigating and reflecting upon contemporary (material) culture, while creating new opportunities and visions both for the (creative) industry and for the broader social spectrum.

He often actively collaborates with professionals from other disciplines in a co-creative process, to arrive at thought-provoking solutions and design outcomes. His work spans across various mediums, exploring intersections biotechnology, anthropology, bio- diversity, the ecosystem and the human impact on it, recent production technologies, and the importance of a symbiotic entanglement between natural life-forms, for an alternative advancement of society.

The fascination for the micro-scale, together with a holistic vision of the world as a macro-organism animated by symbiotic
relationships are some of Maurizio’s main drives.

Maurizio’s practice – Officina Corpuscoli – seeks to reveal unorthodox relationships among existing paradigms. By distilling research and analysis and tangibly materialising relevant facts, Officina Corpuscoli creates projects and conditions that allow for a resonant critical experience, by the synthesis of ideas through design.

To this end, the design process and the subsequent materialisation of concepts are often used as tools and strategies for questioning culture, critically and constructively addressing the design field, as well as targeting industry.


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Officina Corpuscoli, founded in 2010 and based in Amsterdam, operates as a multidisciplinary studio, providing creative consultancy and developing both commissioned and self-initiated projects, often inspired by and in collaboration with living systems and organisms.

The studio’s work has been honoured with multiple awards, featured widely in the media, and exhibited globally in prestigious musea, galleries, and institutions, including Museum of Modern Art (New York), Centre Pompidou (Paris), Design Museum (London), Triennale (Milano), MAXXI (Rome), and the Museum of Applied Arts (Vienna), among others.

Besides the various activities and projects at OC, Maurizio is the co-founder of MOGU S.r.l. , a design company focused on industrial scale-up of mycelium based technologies, materials and products and he is also highly involved in education, previously co-heading the MAD Master (Materialisation in Art and Design) at Sandberg Instituut, researching at Design Academy Eindhoven, and teaching, lecturing and mentoring in various Dutch and International academies and universities.