Workshop & Project // Transitioning through Transformative Cycles & Regenerative Connections @Azulik/Sferik – Tulum (MX)

Workshop & Project // Transitioning through Transformative Cycles & Regenerative Connections @Azulik/Sferik – Tulum (MX)

We look forward to joining curator Marcello Dantas and founder Roth at Azulik, in Tulum (MX), and to exploring and contributing to the wonderful energy of Sferik Museum, a harmonious space to discover and develop the creative self within, while allowing natural, aesthetic, and ancestral wisdom to be the guide.

Along the visit, Maurizio Montalti will engage in few workshops and multiple sessions of open dialogue with the fantastic teams on site. Such activities will function as spaces for fostering inspirations, critical reflections and creative production, encouraging participants to actively engage in questioning dominant narratives and traditional practices through the collision of ideas, perspectives, concepts and techniques.

Together, we will preliminarily explore methods for locally cooperating with indigenous, microbial living systems, towards the production of materials and artefacts. Such know-how will inevitably be mediated by and complemented with the learnings provided by the local community and the overall context in which SFER IK is situated.

By learning and questioning through processes of active observation within the specific richness provided by the local context, the workshops will thus also allow to possibly further expand on the perspective collaboration, while touching upon fundamental notions such as biodiversity, regenerative design, life & death, ephemerality, inclusivity and coexistence, striving for anticipating on both present and future needs, desires, and challenges, while positively affecting the everyday in a factual way – not just in the future but as of now.

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