“The Collective Intention” – Depot Basel – opening 15/06/2015

“The Collective Intention” – Depot Basel – opening 15/06/2015

WNDRLUST, founded in 2013 by fellows Maurizio Montalti, Sonja Bäumel, Mike Thompson & Susana Cámara Leret, is one of the collectives invited by Depot Basel to develop a visual manifesto, posing a reflection on what it means to be a collective in the present time.

As from Depot basel Website: “… Members of collectives do not consider themselves as competitors, they aspire to create a network. Do they share similarities? How do collectives originate? What creates a sense of togetherness? Depot Basel dedicates an exhibition to these recurring patterns and to collective intent…”

and again:

“…What motivates the emergence of collectives? Is it the dynamics of a group or the contextual identification they might offer? When is the affiliation with a collective considered a benefit? When is it considered a compromise? Where is the individual’s position within a collective? Does the ‘collective intention’ only exist within its respective formation or is there a fundamental and comprehensive consensus beyond individual collectives? And: Could the return to the collective serve as a sustainable model for the future? …”

The outcome of WNDRLUST’ investigation will be exhibited at Depot Basel, opening on 15/06/2015 (vernissage).
More information about the show can be found here or on Depot basel Website.
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