S(e)AMENESS @Jerusalem Design Week 2017

S(e)AMENESS @Jerusalem Design Week 2017

S(e)AMENESS is a new work by Officina Corpuscoli, developed in close collaboration with Israeli designer Rami Tareef, exploring the notion of #border in contemporary times. The project has been commissioned by JDW17 curator’s Anat Safran and Tal Erez.

Opening on 08 June 2017 at at the abandoned #Bezeq call center as part of Jerusalem Design Week 2017.


Understanding what a border is today and how it is constructed means asking fundamental questions allowing to reformulate the foundations of our relationship with the world we live in.

The project looks at THE BORDER as a visible boundary in constant state of fluctuation; a laboratory, marking the line of encounter between diverse entities, their environment, their traditions and their symbols.

It is on such middle space that the concept of separation transforms into unseen unity and in mutual interdependence, allowing identities to be defined , through the very understanding of where one stands and where one could extend, turning into a physical manifestation of transparent social relations.

By relying on such notions and focusing on Jerusalem as case study, the project incorporates local architectural elements, materials, languages and aesthetics, fusing tradition with standardised modules of separation, while integrating growth and decay for the definition of a hybrid interconnected entity.

…because “ALL that is SOLID melts into AIR”…

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When:     June 8-15, 2017

Where:   Bezeq Building – Jerusalem Design Week 2017 – Jerusalem (IL)