SchimmelLab – Universiteitsmuseum Utrecht

SchimmelLab – Universiteitsmuseum Utrecht

Johanna Westerdijk (1883-1961) has been the first Dutch female Professor in the Netherlands and conducted outstanding research on plant diseases and fungi, contributing to the birth of CBS-KNAW (Fungal Biodiversity Centre) in Utrecht,  the largest fungal bank/collection in the world.

In occasion of the centenary since her outstanding promotion as Professor, on February 15th Universiteitsmuseum Utrecht will open a new exhibition focused on fungi – the SchimmelLAB.

A selection of recently developed pieces from The Growing Lab – Mycelia collection will be displayed as part of the exhibit, together with selected pieces of other artists working with mycelium, as earlier presented as part of the exhibition FUNGAL FUTURES.

The exhibition will also feature two novel typologies of standardised MOGU panels, produced by Mycoplast, an Italian company co-founded by Maurizio Montalti and actively concerned with scaling up the production of standardised mycelium-based materials and applications.

Ranging from vessels to furniture, tiling and apparel, the exhibited works will allow visitors to find out about the kingdom of fungi and to explore current and future products and applications deriving from a collaboration between human and fungal organisms.

When:     February 15th, 2017 at 4 PM (opening)

Where:    Universiteitsmuseum Utrecht
Lange Nieuwstraat 106
3512 PN – Utrecht
The Netherlands


(Image MOGU Home – Panels for Interior Architecture ©Mycoplast/MOGUOfficina Corpuscoli)