Public Talk & Panel // VERTIGO Forum @Centre Pompidou – IRCAM – Paris (FR)

Public Talk & Panel // VERTIGO Forum @Centre Pompidou – IRCAM – Paris (FR)

The Exhibition La fabrique du vivantDesigning the Living looks at the archeology of the living and artificial life and presents the most important creations and innovations in the domains of art, design, architecture, and music with works by 50 creatives.

Within such context, on March 30th, IRCAM will organise a public symposium as part of the VERTIGO Forum This day features a dialogue between the exhibition’s curators and artists in the fields of biotechnologies, human and social sciences on the major themes addressed: engineering nature and bio-materials, programming the living and modelling the living, evolving systems and bio-computational architecture.

Maurizio Montalti will share the stage with other esteemed colleagues and practitioners, engaging in a constructive debate on the nature of the hybrid practice and the matured cooperation with living systems.

Find more information on the VERTIGO webpage or download a detailed programme of the day here.

March 30, 2019

Centre Pompidou
Place Georges-Pompidou,
75004 – Paris (FR)