Public Talk & Panel // Re:Source Re:Learn Re:Lay Seminar @Konstfack / Ädellab – Stockholm (SE)

Public Talk & Panel // Re:Source Re:Learn Re:Lay Seminar @Konstfack / Ädellab – Stockholm (SE)

On Friday, December 13th, Maurizio Montalti will be at Konstfack (Stockholm – SE), contributing to the Ädellab Seminar Re:Source Re:Learn Re:Lay, with a keynote reflecting upon contemporary material culture and novel responsible opportunities deriving from a direct engagement with non-human agents… and beyond.

Overall, the seminar will examine the role of the contemporary maker in relation to materials, conceptual processes and sustainability. Where do our materials come from and where do they end up? What are the ethical responsibilities of working with materials that are/were alive and what does it take to create symbiotic relationships with other than human entities? Can an increased focus on sustainability force our artistic practices to take new unexpected, experimental leaps? How can craft practices be used to reflect upon contemporary material culture and what impact will it have on the future?

Maurizio’s keynote will be complemented by presentations from Christina Miller & Susie Ganch (US) Ethical Metalsmiths/Radical Jewelry Makeover Project (, Svenska Miljöinstitutet, Ädellab and Textile students, and others.

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The seminar is organized by the Ädellab and Textile Bachelor programmes.
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Svarta havet
LM Ericssons väg 14
Stockholm (SE)

December 13, 2019
9AM – 4 PM