Public Talk // THE DESIGN AWAY PERSPECTIVE @Mediamatic – Amsterdam (NL)

Public Talk // THE DESIGN AWAY PERSPECTIVE @Mediamatic – Amsterdam (NL)

Design is generally associated with intelligence and craftiness. By contrast, destruction could appear as a brutish and simple act. However, when it comes to the new challenges raised by the Anthropocene, it is fundamental to come up with novel and clever solutions or alternatives, looking beyond the functional life of a product.

In a world polluted by more plastic than the eye can see, the time has come to find another way of dealing with our ecosystem. In the Antropocene, design faces the task of re-connecting with living matter by finding ways to get rid of stuff, instead of creating more.

On November 2nd, Conny Groenewegen (fashion designer), Maurizio Montalti (designer & researcher) and Maarten Vanden Eynde (artist) will dive into the world of plastics, discussing diverse perspectives while exploring the beauty and necessity of sophisticated un-making.

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Novemebr  2, 2017, at 8 PM

Mediamatic Biotoop
Dijksgracht 6
1019 BS  – Amsterdam (NL)