Presentation & Exhibition // BIOFABRICATE 2017 – New York (USA)

Presentation & Exhibition // BIOFABRICATE 2017 – New York (USA)

Join us in New York on December 7th, 2017 at Biofabricate 2017. Officina Corpuscoli, represented by Maurizio Montalti, will be on stage, discussing recent projects as well as ongoing developments, in regard to novel mycelium materials, such as composites, textiles, leather, etc.

The studio’s work (Caskia – collaboration with OurownSkin), together with the work conducted at Design Academy (NWO project, in partnership with TU Delft and Utrecht University) and MOGU’s work will also be displayed as part of Biofabricate’s Design Lab.

BIOFABRICATE is the annual summit for the emerging world of grown materials. From algae and bacteria to mushrooms and yeast, join us to discover the latest disruptive research, and companies, growing the materials of the future. From architecture to apparel, and personal care to performance, BIOFABRICATE is THE event to experience how biotechnology is facilitating a new material revolution.

December 7, 2017

New Lab
19 Morris Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11205