Nomination Award & Exhibition // Caskia @BEAZLEY DESIGNS OF THE YEAR – Design Museum – London (UK)

Nomination Award & Exhibition // Caskia @BEAZLEY DESIGNS OF THE YEAR – Design Museum – London (UK)

We are thrilled to announce that CASKIA / Growing a Mars Boot has been nominated for #BeazleyDesignsoftheYear!
The project will be on show together with the other nominees, as part of the related exhibition at the Design Museum, in London.

CASKIA is the result of a close collaboration between Officina Corpuscoli and OurOwnSkin and it was earlier developed under commission by The Museum of Modern Art’s (MoMA) Senior Curator, Paola Antonelli, and premiered as part of the exhibition “Items: Is Fashion Modern?” (MoMA – NYC).

CASKIA rethinks and questions through a designer lens, our 21st century material culture, its values and the ongoing challenges and perspectives of living on Mars. More information about CASKIA can be found here.



Every year since 2008 hundreds of design experts from around the world nominate the most innovative and thought-provoking designs from the past 12 months. Now in its eleventh year, Beazley Designs of the Year is the Design Museum’s annual celebration of the most original and exciting products, concepts and designers in the world today.

Explore how the future is fast becoming the present with newly-developed materials, innovative ways of managing scarce resources, playful designs for all ages and local communities claiming new spaces for themselves.

The international awards and exhibition showcase design projects from the previous 12 months, across six categories: Architecture, Digital, Fashion, Product, Graphics, and Transport. Design experts, practitioners and academics from across the world are asked by the Design Museum to suggest potential projects, from which the museum has selected 87 for nomination to display in the exhibition. A specially selected jury will choose a winner for each category and an overall winner – to be announced in November 2018.


Collaborative project between: Liz Ciokajlo | OurOwnsKIN and Maurizio Montali | Officina Corpuscoli
Additional contributors: Rhian Solomon | OurOwnsKIN and Manolis Papastavrou
Materials provided by: Officina Corpuscoli & MOGU
Film credits: Craig Gambell, George Ellsworth, Wim van Egmond


September 12, 2018 – January 6, 2019


224-238 Kensington High Street
W8 6AG – London (UK)