Linking Parts @Transnatural Workspace

Linking Parts @Transnatural Workspace

14th September, 2013 – 10th January, 2014

The exhibition Linking Parts collects (proposals for) linking ‘devices’ that lead to different forms of collaboration. New, smart entities are shaped by the combination of modern and classical components. Officina Corpuscoli will be on show with “The Living Lab: fungal futures”, consisting of a collection of material samples, research techniques and visual storytelling, deriving from different research-projects, developed over the course of the last 4 years. The projects, strongly rooted in a trans-disciplinary methodology and blurring the boundaries between creative and scientific disciplines, illustrate the importance of a collaborative relationship between humans and micro-organisms (fungi), for the achievement of beneficial outcomes.

Specifically, the presentation aims to highlight the skills of fungal organisms, when implemented in processes of both construction and deconstruction of new and old materials, aiming to contribute to develop a new design paradigm, to challenge the designer’s responsibilities  and to shape a novel desirable future.

Transnatural Workspace, Lijnbaansgracht 148a, 1016 VW, Amsterdam (NL)

Officina Corpuscoli-ransnatural-linking parts