The Growing Lab/Mycelia will be on show as part of VEGANISM, an exhibition reflecting on a potential future where exploitation of animals is not allowed anymore. As part of this exhibition, the studio will also introduce and present new work developed with pure mycelium materials / mushroom leather, as replacement for traditional animal leather. Come and visit the exhibit to discover more!

VEGANISM is the third presentation of works organised by La Terrasse, a collaborative platform conceived with the aim of uniting designers and writers around one theme, under the curation
of Erez Nevi Pana.

VEGANISM explores and reflects on the possibilities originating from the work of designers, who developed new products and processes without making use of animal ingredients. Such visionary outcomes invite the audience to critically examine and to gain insights about the sourced resources,
the used materials, the adopted tools as well as the resulting alternative production processes.

When:     October 22-30, 2016 (from 10 AM to 6.30 PM)

Where:    NRE Terrein – Nachtegaallaan 15, 5613 CM – Eindhoven (NL)