inFORMed Bio Matter Workshop @FabLab Torino (IT)

inFORMed Bio Matter Workshop @FabLab Torino (IT)

The inFORMed Bio Matter Workshop focuses on the exploration of non conventional additive fabrication processes aimed at producing form through the morphogenetic properties of matter and by embedding further information structures during the fabrication process itself by means of mechanical (robots, printers) and biological (organisms) constructor agents.

The workshop’s goal is to step beyond the current state of prototyping, according to which the physical prototype should be as adherent as possible to its digital counterpart, thus making fabrication a purely replicational process. Instead, by coding and embedding additional levels of digital and material information, new physical and aesthetic properties arise. In this way, the production and digital fabrication phase becomes an integral part of the design process.

By exploring the code-matter-machine interaction process, the potential emergent behaviours of the system can then be studied while, by tapping into the self-organisation properties of matter, a new sensibility towards computational design/fabrication process can be learnt and exerted.

The workshop focuses on the implementation and deposition of living systems (micro-organisms / fungal mycelium) as main materials and/or agents of transformation of organic matters. Participants will explore different design strategies by programming specific morphogenetic processes and robotic behaviours for the synchronised deployment of both substrates/scaffoldings and of the living materials. Combining the unique potential of computation, robotics and biological building agents, the workshop will offer the opportunity to explore, algorithmically design and fabricate temporary structures capable of supporting growth. By simultaneously understanding living materials’ needs and behaviours as well as constraints, participants will acquire the necessary skills to iterate through the design and production phases by means of custom made digital tools, biological agents and a 6 axis robotic arm fabrication setup.

The workshop is organised and conducted in direct collaboration with Co-de-iT and FabLab Torino.
More information can be found here.

When:     May 26-27-28, 2017

Where:   FabLab Torino – Via Egeo 16 – 10134 Torino (IT)