Hemma i Framtiden | Domestic Futures – Opening 18/09/2015

Hemma i Framtiden | Domestic Futures – Opening 18/09/2015

Selected pieces from “The Growing Lab” collection of cultivated objects will be on show as part of the exhibition Domestic Futures, curated by Lisanne Fransen, at Stockholm’ National Museum of Design, opening on September 18th 2015.

Domestic Futures speculates on how design and products have the power to influence our everyday life. The exhibition will comprise three living environments with artefacts and projects that will challenge the visitors to explore their possible future households  and to step into what the future may look like, inviting them to think about what kind of future might be desirable, or not.

Curator: Lisanne Fransen
Exhibition Designer: Harm Rensink
Participating Designers: Martina Muzi, Jorge Penadés, Lauren Davies, Thomas Thwaites, chmara.rosinke, Francesco Faccin, Willem van Doorn, Ma’ayan Pesach, Susana Soares, Agi Haines, Marcia Nolte, Naomi Kizhner, Studio Stefan Schwabe, James King, Livin Studio, Officina Corpuscoli, Ela Celary, Thought Collider, Veronica Ranner, Johanna Schmeer, Mars One, Lucy McRae, Studio Swine, NASA/JPL, Nelly Ben Hayoun, Ai Hasegawa, Aloïs Yang, Carlos Monleón Gendall, Grietje Schepers.

Where: Nationalmuseum Design in Kulturhuset Stadsteatern (map)
When: 18 September 2015 – 15 November 2015

Have a look at the on-line exhibition: http://www.domesticfutures.com/
More info available also on Nationalmuseum website.