FUNGAL FUTURES / Growing Domestic Bio-Landscapes

FUNGAL FUTURES / Growing Domestic Bio-Landscapes

An exhibition about our Upcoming Future.
Shaped by novel materials and processes relying on the fundamental role of fungi in nature.

A historical greenhouse, filled with projects envisioning novel advancements and potentially near futures, while re-imagining the way in which our domestic and social life will morph during the next decades.


FUNGAL FUTURES / Growing Domestic Bio-Landscapes

presents the research outcomes of an international group of artists and designers who develop innovative materials, projects and applications using mycelium, the filamentous network of fungi.

A fungal mycelium consists of a dense network of filamentous cells, called hyphae, that grows on plant matter. The behavior of fungi to convert plant biomass into a mycelium can be used to create biomaterials with novel properties. The materials may consist of a mixture of waste stream and mycelium (composites) or can be completely ‘pure’. Such fungal materials represent attractive alternatives for traditional synthetics as they are 100% natural, compostable, and resulting from low value waste streams.

Utrecht University, Officina Corpuscoli, and Stichting Mediamatic collaborated in the NWO project “Mycelium Design” (2014-2015). The partners invited artists and designers in an open call to participate in the project as part of the Myco Design Lab. During the project, Officina Corpuscoli and Utrecht University developed a palette of fungal materials that were provided to the selected artists and designers. They explored their potential and provided feedback how the materials should be improved to meet requirements for a range of specific products and applications.

“This project will enable us to understand the mechanical properties fungi need to invade plant matter such as a tree” (Han Wõsten)

FUNGAL FUTURES includes the work of designers and artists who were involved in the NWO project ‘Mycelium Design’, as well as projects of selected invited creatives working along the same principles. The exhibition invites us to envision potentially near futures and to re-imagine the way in which our domestic and social life will change during the next decades as part of a transition to a sustainable economy.

FF-Grid1-500 officina Corpucoli_Maurizio Montalti

Artists on show:

Aniela Hoitink – NEFFA / Caroline de Roy / Studio Eric Klarenbeek / Francesco Zorzi – No-Rocket /
Gianluca Tabellini / Jonas Edvard / Kristel Peters – COJAK / Maurizio Montalti – OFFICINA CORPUSCOLI / Phil Ross / Studio LIVIN / Wim van Egmond /

Commissioned by:
Utrecht University – Microbiology (Prof Han Wösten)

Curated / Designed / Produced by:
Maurizio Montalti / Officina Corpuscoli

Graphic design:
Francesco Zorzi / No-Rocket



In line with the exhibition FUNGAL FUTURES, the following items have been produced in limited series and will be available for sale: printed catalogue/publication, posters, postcards sets, high quality textile bags. The products will be for sale in the Universiteitsmuseum Utrecht shop or can be ordered at the website:

detail publication FF Officina Corpuscoli_Maurizio Montalti

detail publication2 FF Officina Corpuscoli_Maurizio Montalti

Download the official press release, here.

You can read the newsletter, here.


In short:

Growing Domestic Bio-Landscapes

When: 24 March – 16 May, 2016
(open every day, from 10:00 to 17:00)

Where: Universiteitsmuseum Utrecht – Oude Hortus
Lange Nieuwstraat 106 – 3512 PN – Utrecht

Official Opening: 23 March 2016

15:00 hours: Exclusive Opening of the exhibition by Minister of
Education, Culture and Science Jet Bussemaker PhD (by Invitation only)

17:00 hours: Public Opening

19.30 hours: Universiteitsmuseum Utrecht will close

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The Exhibition is made possible thanks to the generous support of:
KF Hein Fonds, NWO, Universiteit Utrecht, Universiteitsmuseum Utrecht, Gemeente Utrecht,
CNC Exotic Mushroom, STW