Exhibition // MUSHROOMS – a Sheriff Project // curated by ERE Foundation @Sheriff – Paris (FR)

Exhibition // MUSHROOMS – a Sheriff Project // curated by ERE Foundation  @Sheriff – Paris (FR)

We look forward to the opening of the MUSHROOMS exhibition, opening on June 10, 2021 at the new gallery space of Sheriff Projects, in Paris. The exhibition is curated by Sophie Strobele, activist and co-founder of ERE Foundation, a philanthropic organisation serving as a platform that connects creatives and NGOs through artistic work, while facilitating the inclusion of NGOs and positive impact causes in creative projects.

About the exhibition

Post Production and Fine Art Printing company Sheriff Projects is opening a new gallery space under the name “a Sheriff project” at 53 Rue de Turenne in Paris, a place of wonder and creation, a platform for emerging and established artists. The exhibition will open with a group show curated by Sophie Strobele, featuring multi-disciplinary works of eight international artists around the theme „Mushrooms“, whose artistic approach and practice revolves around, with or alike mushrooms.

When one tree struggles, the other trees send nutrients to sustain the harmed tree through the web of mycelia connecting roots between each other. Inspired by mycelium, nature’s intelligent web of communication and its fertile body, mushrooms, the show intends to emphasise the interconnection between creatives in the art space, hidden or visible, one nourishing the other. Fungi’s power of transformation and regeneration positively affects our perception of decay. Through decomposition we transform the past, creating a base for new beginnings, while integrating and learning from what’s behind us.

From colourful illustrations, over botanical depictions, documentary photography, clothing design, collages, painting, bio-fabricated objects and an interactive video, the chosen artworks embody solidarity, regeneration, new materials, decomposition and transformation.

Drawing a parallel from nature’s design and the mycelium interconnecting all organisms, this exhibition intends to invite a transition from passive display or consumption of art to support of and amongst artists, growing a long lasting relationship and generating positive change, as well as shining a light on fungi’s incredible potential in bio-fabrication and alternative to conventional materials.

Reaching from literal to abstract interpretation of the theme, artists chose to support art students in difficulty with their artistic contribution, with 50% of sales going to the ERE Foundation’s “Youth Solidarity Fund”. Students and next-gen creatives have undergone a creatively and mentally draining year. The consequences of the pandemic and a global uncertainty challenge their inspiration, self-expression and future. ERE Foundation organizes an ongoing series of initiatives (e.g. educational exhibitions, formations, fund raisings… ) to nurture solidarity amongst creatives, supporting those lacking opportunities and resources.

The opening reception is supported by Domaine Milan (entirely organic wine from south of France, farmed by hand, practicing biodynamics and permaculture) Heaven Saké and Pastis 1212.


Opening on:
June 10, 2021

June 11 – July 1, 2021

a Sheriff Project – gallery space
53 rue de Turenne,
Paris (FR)