De Algarum Natura @MAKING SCHOOL – Stimuleringsfonds DDW16

De Algarum Natura @MAKING SCHOOL – Stimuleringsfonds DDW16

De Algarum Natura is one of the latest explorations carried out at Officina Corpuscoli. The project looks at the possibility of re-valuing seaweed waste streams accumulating on worldwide strands, by transforming them in materials and products. The preliminary results of such investigation, conducted in collaboration with designer Twan de Waal and with partnering companies, will be presented as part of Making School, an initiative consisting of an exhibition and of a series of events exploring the future of professional training for youngsters.

What professions are current and later generations of students being trained for? And what kind of learning environments and training methods are most appropriate? The exhibition, initiated and supported by Stimuleringsfonds NL, reveals how the knowledge and expertise of the creative industries can contribute to a stimulating educational environment, aiming to facilitate inspirational encounters between the education sector and the design field.

Making School is curated by Studio Makkink & Bey and Dirk Osinga (do|ob).

When:     October 22-30, 2016 (from 11 AM to 6 PM)

Where:    Veemgebouw – Torenallee 80, 5617 BE – Eindhoven (NL)