BIOFABRICATE – New York – December 4th 2014

BIOFABRICATE – New York – December 4th 2014

I’m glad to announce that Officina Corpuscoli | Maurizio Montalti will be one of the speakers of the world’s first BIOFABRICATE Summit, an event dedicated to bio-fabrication for future industrial and consumer products.

Bio-fabrication comprises highly disruptive technologies enabling design and manufacture to intersect with the building blocks of life. Computers can now read and write with DNA. This is a world where bacteria, yeast, fungi, algae and mammalian cells grow and shape sustainable new materials.

There’s a bio-revolution on the horizon! We are beginning to design and fabricate with living cells: these are the factories of the future. The new start-ups are growing packaging, furniture, leather, flavours and fragrances, meat, bricks and bones. Hacker spaces are being joined by DIYBio labs. It’s time to discover how the C21st convergence of biology, computation and design will change what we wear, how we build, how we live, even how we will harvest our own bodies for our future healthcare.

A single-track speaker programme and panels will include keynotes from pioneering biomaterial, biotech and biofabrication start-ups along with key researchers, designers, thought leaders and academics.

The summit will include a DesignLab exhibition showing design-led research that exposes emerging trends and profiles innovators from diverse backgrounds. Also, a pop-up DIYBio lab will be featured in association with Genspace, the world’s first community Bio lab in NYC. The pop-up lab will be a chance to interact with founding members and learn more about the global citizen science community that are driving biotech engagement particularly in the fields of molecular and synthetic biology.

The BIOFABRICATE summit is open for registration.
BIOFABRICATE is an initiative of BioCouture (Suzanne Lee) in partnership with Synbiobeta,  sponsored by Microsoft.

When: December 4th, 2014
Where: MICROSOFT Technology Centre – 11 Times Square (between 41st & 42nd Streets on 8th Ave) – New York City.

You can find more information about BIOFABRICATE here.