BIO-Materials & BIO-practices / ArtEZ Arnhem

BIO-Materials & BIO-practices / ArtEZ Arnhem

On a direct invitation from ArtEZ Arnhem, in September 2016 Officina Corpuscoli has been conceiving and initiating a new cycle of lessons and workshops about BIO-fabrication.

The weekly course, involving students from the departments of product design, interaction design and graphic design, focuses on learning how to adopt scientific tools and media and to employ a variety of living systems for the generation of new strategies and new materials, touching upon and strongly affecting the design practice.

Along the duration of the course, young designers are being guided through cross-disciplinary explorations, aiming to grow curiosity about living materials (bacteria/fungi/algae/etc.), to explore a hands-on approach, to get introduced and learn about the microbial world, as well as to develop novel applications, while reflecting on the related systemic implications.

Practice and experiments combined with lectures and discussions will allow the participants to widen their knowledge and skills, while intersecting biological practices with creativity.

In October 2016, the students will already present a first set of projects, resulting from their explorations.