Collaboration 2010 – 2011



SuperOrganism is a collective curatorial project and pop-up design store developed for Nova Gallery – Eindhoven, in occasion of Dutch Design Week 2010.

The exhibition is curated by the Ant Hill Collective, namely Maurizio Montalti (Italy), Luke Jenkins (US), Jose De La O (Mexico) and Tal Erez (Israel). The Ant Hill Collective believes Design no longer has a place in the confined parameters of a white cube. It is becoming increasingly clear that it is holding a key role in the connection between different fields of life and society, from micro to macro. This is at the base of the SuperOrganism concept.

SuperOrganism relates to the interdependency between entities and how they are subject to a bigger system. Like the cell that is part of the organ, which is part of the body, it follows that the individual is part of a community, which is part of the city and so on. The interrelations between object, designer, user, science, nature, technology, society and other fields in their different scales, as well as between disciplines in design, are the focal point of this show.

Involving a range of international designers, the SuperOrganism event exhibited a wide variety of objects, from print and jewellery to lighting and furniture, offering the public the possibility of becoming part of it by bringing home affordable products. As a single living organism who is composed of smaller elements that make a whole, the exhibition is formed by a single module, a cardboard pyramid, that repeated in different configurations gave life to all the exhibition elements, fulfilling the way each product needed to be exhibited.

Curation of content and interior design, by Anthill Collective.
Graphic identity, by Daniel Rossi.

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