Self-Initiated 2010

The ‘Infected’ series is of a range of 3D-printed jewellery pieces, originally inspired by an accidental contamination occurring when inadvertently touching an ongoing experiment with living fungi. As a direct consequence,  different kind of bacteria started growing on the profile and new shapes emerged, creating noticeably interesting textures and giving origin to a narrative around the fundamental role that such micro-organisms play in our earthly existence.

As a result, a series of wearable ornaments came to life, encouraging reflections about our bodies’ identities, as informed by the large variety of life-forms which co-exists within it, contributing to make us humans.

  • Officina-Corpuscoli-Infected-Jewellery-white-ring3
  • Officina-Corpuscoli-Infected-Jewellery-stailsess-steel ring
  • Officina-Corpuscoli-Infected-Jewellery-transparent-ring
  • Officina-Corpuscoli-Infected-Jewellery-alumide ring
  • Officina-Corpuscoli-Infected-Jewellery-white-ring
  • Officina-Corpuscoli-Infected-Jewellery-white-ring2
  • Officina-Corpuscoli-Infected-Jewellery-white-bracelet
  • Officina-Corpuscoli-Infected-Jewellery-white-bracelet-on-hand