Collaboration 2012

Remembering the future (void) – The microscopic energy factory

  • Officina Corpuscoli–Symbiosis 3D printed @saveasmine
  • Officina Corpuscoli–Symbiosis model_HighRes

Analysing the present, to anticipate the memory of our upcoming future.
Resulting from a process of direct hands-on experimentation with micro-organisms and materials, “Symbiosis” represents a future memory: it anticipates the existence of a visionary, man-made micro-organism, capable of converting plastic waste into bio-fuels.

Could one day plastics become one the most valuable resources, to gather energy from?

“Symbiosis” results from the combination of a fungus and a yeast and it is inspired by leading scientific theories and by the fascinating microscopic explorations, which were conducted during the designer’s research process.

Will this novel, man-made organism come to life in the not-so-distant future? And if this will happen, will it really look like its forecasted vision? Which will be the consequences?

NOTE: The model and the overall concept are drawing inspiration from a previously realised project by “Officina Corpuscoli”, titled ‘System Synthetics’; in this project, Studio Josè de la O collaborated in the realisation and 3d modelling of the visionary sculpture.