Self-Initiated 2009

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A gesture is worth a thousand words; when it comes speaking with your hands the Italians, speak volumes. Italian gestures are in a word…a performance, poetic emotion, an expression of the soul, the spirit, the mind and the heart.

This collection of little black and white flip-books fitting in the palm of a hand, aims to be a guide. It can help the visitor decipher the unspoken language of italian gestures, a language not found in any dictionary, an extra-code to express your thoughts and your passions.

It will give a little hand to anyone who has ever been at a loss for words…

Officina-Corpuscoli-Gesture-Books-what-a-fuck sequence

Officina-Corpuscoli-Gesture-Books-mamma-mia sequence

Officina-Corpuscoli-Gesture-Books-i-don't-care sequence

Officina-Corpuscoli-Gesture-Books-bellissimo sequence

Videos illustrating the flipbooks can be watched on Vimeo

The total collection consists of 15 different flip-books. The flip-books are available for sale at: